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A brand built on shared beliefs.

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We’re more than a brand. We’re a movement.

Statistics tell us that only three percent of female entrepreneurs scale their companies to 1 million dollars or more. For women of color, it’s only one percent.

We want to change this narrative. When you purchase a piece of Hawkins Bucklew Jewelry, you are empowering a community of creative women entrepreneurs and amplifying each of their unique voices as well as your own.

That’s Ethos-Chic. And that’s Hawkins Bucklew Jewelry Designs.

See what empowerment looks like.

Showroom 808

You have our undivided attention.

Hawkins Bucklew Jewelry is available for purchase at Showroom 808. We also offer private shopping sessions for individuals and small groups on a scheduled basis. If you’re looking for a truly individualized experience or want a place to connect and shop with like-minded creative women, then schedule your appointment today.

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“The jewelry and brand are both absolutely stunning. My mom and I both love looking at all of the incredible variety Hawkins Bucklew has to offer. Sheila is truly a visionary. Her products promote individuality and empowers people to truly shine.”

Savanna Fields

“I recently purchased a pair of earrings from Hawkins-Bucklew Jewelry Designs that I’d been drooling over for a while. The personable and knowledgeable service I received was superb! ”

Alta Alexander

“Sheila of Hawkins Bucklew Jewelry makes each jewelry piece by hand and the pieces are beautiful! She’s also incredibly kind and I highly recommend anyone to check out her showroom!”

Jane Ko

“Sheila Hawkins-Bucklew designs with the intent of truly listening to the customer which is a lost art. SHB is Passionate about design, balance and creativity. I love the stone accents that give these accessories that eye catching pop of color. The signature label is a statement in itself.”

Allegra Kent

Hawkins Bucklew Jewelry Designs available at Showroom 808

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