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An essential part of the Hawkins Bucklew Jewelry Designs mission is providing like-minded creators and artists with the visibility and exposure their work deserves.
That’s why we created Showroom 808.
Showcasing work from across our community of creative women entrepreneurs, Showroom 808 features an ever-changing assortment of unique and beautiful pieces just waiting to be discovered.

Gender Thieves 

Our Mission

Gender Thieves believes that every person should have the freedom to choose the best garments that fits their personality, to express themselves relentlessly and unapologetic. Broke the traditional walls and create new ones. Live for your happiness. Style is an extension of your inner self, so express it.
Changing traditional standards one garment at a time. Why live within the circle, when you're born to soar outside the parameters. We value individuality and human rights.

House of Takura

Brand Statement

House of Takura is a lifestyle brand focused on the high-end and unique designs that tell a story of African traditions and Western influences. Our purpose is to empower the future of Africa one bag at a time. 



Cynthia Freeman Gibbs, Author

The Dr. Olivia C. Maxwell Novel series:

About the Author

Cynthia Freeman Gibbs began her writing career in 2016, after spending over 20 years in Corporate American working in the pharmaceutical industry. Cynthia has authored serveral books including two from her Dr. Olivia C. Maxwell Novel series–Reasonable Insanity, and Insatiable Revenge. Cynthia is a native of Lansing, Michigan and currently resides in San Antonio, Texas with her husband Maurice Gibbs. 





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