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The Human Connection

Sheila Hawkins-Bucklew is a creative entrepreneur whose journey has been woven together with a common thread: the empowerment of women.  She is a proponent of equality and women’s rights, something she has held close to her heart throughout her career.  

Sheila started her retail career at the age of fifteen as the "Talking Christmas Tree" for a major department store in Pittsburgh, Pa. After college Sheila worked in retail buying, store management and for a men’s accessory manufacturer.  During this time she became aware of the power of fashion and how it could be used as a vehicle for self-expression.

Hawkins Bucklew Handcrafted Jewelry Designs was launched as a result of her four-year spiritual journey of self-discovery. HBJ Designs ties perfectly together the common threads of Sheila’s creativity, business expertise and passion to help underserved women. 

The Human Experience   

As a company customers want to know who you are; what you stand for, and what that means for them.  At Hawkins Bucklew Handcrafted Jewelry Designs, jewelry is the product we create but it is not necessarily the business we are in. Sheila envisioned a jewelry company that celebrated “Individual Style, Self-Discovery, and Empowerment.  

Although Hawkins Bucklew Handcrafted Jewelry Designs creates ear, arm, and neckpieces using contemporary and vintage chains, natural stones and earth crystals. What they provide for their followers is something much more. Their jewelry designs are a symbolic representation of individual style, self-discovery, and empowerment reflective of the human experience.  They speak to their clients and reflect who they are as individuals. This unique relationship between their jewelry pieces and their customers is what sets them apart from other jewelry companies.

In Her Own Words

"We all have a story to tell.  Our life’s journey is uniquely our own with individual lessons to learn.  I am thankful for the tests I have endured, for without them I would not be where I am today. In this moment, I am exactly where I am supposed to be! Hawkins Bucklew Handcrafted Jewelry Designs is a self-expression of my spiritual footprint. Thank you for the opportunity to share my spiritual journey, through creative expression in jewelry design, with your retail customers!"

Peace & Blessings,


Sheila Hawkins-Bucklew


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