Company Story

Company Pillars

Hawkins Bucklew Handcrafted Jewelry Designs creates jewelry using contemporary chains, earth crystals, and natural stones. Jewelry is the product we make however, who we are as a company is so much more!
At the heart of Hawkins Bucklew Handcrafted Jewelry Designs are three company pillars: Individual Style, Self-Discovery and Empowerment.

Individual Style

Sheila understands that there’s a social standard of what’s considered “normal” however, her desire is for people to authentically embrace who they are in their current “state of being.” She wants those customers who wear her jewelry to choose pieces that speak to their spirit and reflect who they are as an individual.


Hawkins Bucklew Handcrafted Jewelry Designs is the result of Sheila’s personal self-discovery.  She believes that we all seek to uncover our life’s purpose and to utilize our individual gifts. It was this spiritual journey that led her to jewelry design. As a result of her exploration she was guided to her calling as a jewelry designer, and embraces this as her personal form of self-expression: her spiritual footprint.  In a similar way, she believes that those who resonate with Hawkins Bucklew Handcrafted Jewelry Designs will also be in a place of spiritual and personal self-discovery, using her jewelry as a symbolic representation of self-identity and empowerment.


At this time in her career Sheila is focused on a greater purpose that will directly impact the community as a whole. Her desire is for Hawkins Bucklew Handcrafted Jewelry Designs, through the Hawkins Bucklew Foundation to empower underserved women through their Social Business Initiative.  

A New Tomorrow is a Professional Development Workshop targeted to provide underserved women in the global community, a creative opportunity rooted in an entrepreneurial spirit that is both uplifting and economically empowering.

The Hawkins Bucklew Foundation          

As a company we believe in giving back to the community. The Hawkins Bucklew Foundation is committed to empowering underserved women through entrepreneurship! We look forward to the opportunity we will have to positively impact the lives of others! 

Join our mission to empower women by making a donation today!

Company Culture

Mission Statement

To inspire and enlighten mankind through jewelry design.  

Corporate Philosophy

We are a customer-centric company that embraces diversity and an individual’s right to freedom and equality.  We value individuality, creative energy and the human spirit.  

Corporate Goals 

To create and spread wealth through economic empowerment and community engagement.