Ubuntu Interlock Bracelet Collection

Ubuntu Interlock Bracelet

My Ubuntu Interlock Bracelet is a wearable art-piece designed with natural stones, crystals, and precious metal wire. This limited-edition arm piece is linked together using a wire interlock method then hand-sculpted into a one-of-a-kind design.

The Ubuntu Interlock Bracelet signifies the universal bond of human connectivity. The "I Am Because You Are” mantra which originated on the African Continent. 

So often African descendants born in the United States have felt a disconnect with the continent of their ancestors. Our bracelet was intentionally created with component pieces from around the world including stone beads from Africa to remind the wearer of this connection and to celebrate our global contributions. 

The first step towards Ubuntu Empowerment is to embrace your authentic-self, to know "from whence you have come." We were each created for a unique purpose in the universe and our individual energy is needed for the advancement of the human experience on a global level. The “I AM Because You Are” is the reason we are here.

Celebrate your individuality and understand how it connects you to the world by wearing your Ubuntu Interlock Bracelet.

Available in wrist sizes from 6 - 8 inches.   

Peace & Blessings,





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