Honeycomb Medallion Collection

Wear our Honeycomb Medallion Collection knowing you are spiritually connected to the universe. Celebrate with awareness the peace which lives in all of us and the ties we have to human nature and spirit.  

The hexagonal shape of a honeycomb is said to be one of the strongest shapes using the minimum amount of material. This is this reason it is replicated in many engineering designs.

The honeycomb is a symbol of life and represents the peace you have within. It is also associated with intelligence; bees create honeycombs so everything is perfectly structured and clarified. They are known to be very intelligent creatures with a great sense of order and perfection.

A honeycomb is symbolically a place in the body where spiritual input can be stored. It often represents human cells in the body. A bee is considered a spiritual traveller and the honey it creates is seen as spiritual input.   

Capture the essence of life and living; explore your place in the universe with our Honeycomb Medallion Collection today.