The Joys of Creative Entrepreneurship

As a mother and entrepreneur, the greatest joy is sharing my knowledge to help someone else realize their dreams. Being able to do that at our Creative Entrepreneurship Boot Camp in Lagos, Nigeria filled my heart with such happiness. From the youngest attendee to the most seasoned participant, I was received with open-arms in a country where I had never lived, let alone visited. There's something special that happens when "like-minded" women gather to do good work; you can feel the positive energy in the room. Without effort, we created a "safe-haven," a place where we could openly share our professional and personal challenges. An environment where we could teach and learn, patiently waiting our turn to share an experience or pass on a smart business tip.

The process of using our hands to create custom jewelry, and our minds to absorb knowledge surrounding entrepreneurial topics such as building a brand, provided the perfect workshop balance.

Most of all, I got the opportunity to share this journey with my daughter, Chelsea. She is one of the reasons I'm passionate about creative entrepreneurship. Through creative entrepreneurship women can empower themselves by gaining more control over their own personal earning power. It can be a great equalizer, resulting in a better lifestyle for women and their families. Through our mother-daughter expedition across continents, we gained a new perspective on life and a new way to view each other. I couldn't have hoped for a better travel partner on this quest to provide resources and support to other creative mothers and daughters alike. What a great privilege to have my daughter by my side as we share in this joy together.